Care & Prayer Ministries

Care & Prayer Ministries are firmly committed to the power of prayer and seek to make dependence on God through prayer foundational to our church.

We lift up in prayer those that are journeying through difficult times in their lives, while we provide support, spiritual encouragement, cheer and love. Our care ministry demonstrates the love of Christ to our church family and those in our communities. We seek to reflect healing, and restoration of the Kingdom to come.

Children’s Ministries

The Children’s Ministry at our Telugu Church of Silicon Valley is a vibrant and dynamic ministry which is passionate about ministering children from birth to grade five.

We are dedicated to cultivating and encouraging the spiritual life of children in partnership with their parents. Our goal is to nurture a spiritual hunger for God, an awareness of His presence and a love for His Word.

Parents and guardians are the spiritual nurturers in their homes and we seek to come alongside them to support and provide assistance to discipline their children. Programming, events and individual ministry is done with the purpose of strengthening and equipping the home for ministry to their children.

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