Sunday Worship service

Beloved Brethren,

Greetings in JESUS CHRIST Wonderful, Excellent and Beautiful Name.

TCOSV invites on our regular Sunday Worship service at 5.30 PM with our guest speaker Bro. Deva Raju Jakki. Please come and be blessed, bring along a friend, neighbor or any hurting brother or sister in Christ Jesus. God is going to bless each one of us in a tremendous way.

All Glory to God our Father and His Beloved Son Jesus.

Service Timing : Sunday, Sept. 27th at 5.30 PM.

Introduction about Guest Speaker

Bro. Deva Raju Jakki was born on 6th August 1938 in the bucolic and idyllic town of Dachepalli, Palnadu Taluk. Guntur District. In the year 1959 he was appointed as a Mathematics B.Ed Asst. in Lutheran High School, Rajahmundry and thus began a thirty seven year-long tryst with teaching.

He was introduced to the ministry of UESI in the year of 1970. Since then he has served in UESI in all cadres in camps, conferences and in seminars. He is still serving God through UESI and through many other independent churches across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra etc.

He is a man of varied interests and music stands out to be his prime area of concern. He learned Karnatic on flute and mesmerized everyone with his artistry in playing the instrument. His flair for music was not confined to just the flute. He developed extraordinary skill in playing the guitar and made everyone spellbound with his wizardry in playing the instrument. Being a versatile musician, he could also pass off as an accomplished keyboard player. He is a multifaceted man.

He composed many spirit filled Christian Devotional Songs, few of them are listed below:

• Andaala Aashakiranam
• Aascharyamaina Prema
• Oke Oka Maargamu
• Jeevamu Neeve Naakai
• Devaa Nee Naamam Paavana
• Daivam Prema Swaroopam
• Neeti Yoota Yodda
• Nee Jeevitham Viluvainadi
• Prabhuvaa Pampumu
• Prabhu Kreesthe Nija Daivamu
• Mhahaa Devaa Mahonnathudaa
• Snehithudu Praana Priyudu

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